Roof access work platforms

Stationary roof access platforms

  • Platflorms up to 250 m in length with laterally extending sections
  • Platform of portal design or adaption for integration into existing steel workshop roof structures
  • Integration of catenary wire (15KV line) and crane modules for up to 5 tons payload
  • Reach of work sections parallel to the track: up to 15 m
  • Safety interlocks for roof access platforms with other workshop equipment (lifting plants, cranes, catenary wires)

Mobile roof access platforms / Overhead crane platforms

  • The work platforms are designed as work baskets suspended from the hall roof structure and movable along the train.
  • Operating area is along the whole workshop track (no system limits)
  • Platform section height adjustable and with laterally extending segments and front end safety railing
  • Integration of catenary wire ( 15 kV ) and crane modules for payloads up to 2 tons
  • Safety interlocks of roof access platform with other workshop equipment (lifting system, cranes, catenary)

Movable work platforms

  • Complete work platform with undercarriage (4-wheel steering / battery-powered) can be moved along workship floor.
  • Platform for use anywhere in the workshop
  • Platform height-adjustable and with laterally extending sections

Front end work platforms

  • Complete work platform with undercarriage can be moved along workshop floor.
  • Battery-powered undercarriage designed as 2-way (floor/track) system for use at elevated tracks and along tracks in the workshop floor.
  • Front end work platform height-adjustable with extending sections to adapt to the train contour.