The Windhoff OB range of vehicles for railway superstructures has been developed and designed in a practical modular system to ensure the availability of optimised vehicles for quick and efficient execution of the varios work details at railtracks.

Aside from the basic vehicle components, such as drive systems, running gear, etc., clients may choose from a variety of vehicle superstructures and work modules, e.g. workshops, social containers, and various additional equipment for use at a remote work site.

The OB 50, for instance, has been designed for commuter service companies. It has been in use world-wide for full servicing and maintenance at rail tracks and related facilities.

The vehicle is a basis for a large selection of attachments which can be exchanged on-location without any special equipment. Main uses of the vehicle include cleaning work, snow removal, cutting of brushwork, towing of disabled vehicles, service and maintenance of catenary systems as wll as simply carrying various payloads on the load platform.

The OB 100 is powered by a Diesel engine and comes as a 2-axle vehicle for standard track gauge 1,435 mm.

In the winter season, the vehicle is primarily used for snow removal jobs. The snow blower will be mounted at the rear of the vehicle. The scope of delivery includes front plow and track clearing plow. A snow broom is optional.

When the vehicle is not used for winter services it can be employed for service, maintenance and repair work and for crane work at the rail net. Using the appropriate attachment at the loading crane, excessive brushwork near the rail track can be reduced.