Vehicles from the proven MPVTM series serve as the basis for the new fire-fighting and rescue vehicles.

A new, powerful drive system has been introduced for the rescue and equipment vehicles. Either vehicle can be coupled with a non-powered tank car and fire-fighting wagon.

For a specific operation the train consist is split into two sections. The first section with equipment unit and tank car wagon is primarily used for suppressing any fire and for the recovery of persons. The second section, comprising one or two recovery vehicles shall operate in a shuttle service to transport persons to a safe location.

As a complete train consist the LRZ has sufficient power to tow disabled trains weighing up to 730 tons along gradients of 27 per mill.

  • Length of train 61.16 m (1 rescue vehicle) / 82.22 m (2 rescue vehicles)
  • Max. weight 250 tons / 310 tons
  • Drive power 4 x 390 kW / 6 x 390 kW
  • Water supply on-board ca. 50 m³

Rescue vehicle

Equipment vehicle

Fire extinction vehicle