Since 1993 Windhoff have supplied ZRW’s (Rail-Road Shunting Vehicles) to Customers world wide.

The Design and configuration of the ZRW’s are consistent with rugged rail vehicles.

For example, throughout development and production prime importance is given to the specific demands of the railway, such as fatigue resistance, frame strength (eg against buffer collisions) coupling systems, track guidance, pneumatics, radio systems and de-railment safety.

The general modular design allows for many options and custom tailored solutions to choose from.

The high quality vehicles are flexible, robust, durable and suitable for long term use, with good value retention.

Whole life cycle costs are remarkably low.

The vehicle series ZRW64, ZRW125, ZRW180 have been designed for universal application in shunting operations and for loading/unloading stations. They are available in various weight and power categories and with a choice of drive systems. They are available with battery electric drive (AEM), Diesel hydrostatic system (DH) or as flexible hybrid units (DAE). Track gauges range from 1,000 to 1,676 mm. Shunters registered and authorised for both Road as well as Rail Specific are possible options.

The compact vehicles of the ZRW15, ZRW35 and ZRW50 series are optimum solutions when lower weights and tractive forces are required.

The ZRW range of flexible shunters will handle loads from 200 tons up to 4,000 tons.